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      Yan Hing Injection Moulding Solutions
      Yan Hing has teams with extraordinary experiences, know-how and skills. Our machinery design concept assures a wide range of application for users from all industries. Users can select from toggle, hydraulic, hybrid electric and fully electric injection moulding machines, from clamping force 50tons to 2000tons.
      “ECO” Injection Moulding Solution / Toggle machine designed to perform efficiently in most standard applications
      “FLEX” Injection Moulding Solution / Machine designed for flexibility, tuning manufacturing process to excellence
      Multi Colour Injection Moulding Solution / Multi-mechanical function suitable for a variety of applications
      Hybrid/Fully Electric Injection Moulding Solution / High efficiency, precise, clean injection moulding solution
      Large direct pressure injection program / Patented two or three platen design, suitable for large applications