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      Injection Moulding Machine Series

      High efficiency、High-speed / pressure、
      High Precision、Low power
      Clamping force 120-360t
      High Precision, Prolong Machinery Life
      High strength alloy steel bushings added to each
      toggle ensure precise movement, reduce future
      maintenance cost and prolong machinery life.
      High System Rigidity
      Box-shaped mould platens, CAE finite element
      analysed, together with chrome-plated high tensile
      tie-bars allow high rigid clamping.
      High Plasticizing Quality and Efficiency
      Digital screw back-pressure control enhances
      plasticizing quality and fit to mould most
      engineering resins.
      Large Mould Accomodation
      Increased opening stroke and large mould
      accommodation allow for variety of mould
      to be assembled on to.
      Download PDF e-catalogue