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      Multi-Mould Master Plastic Injection
         Moulding Machine Series

      High efficiency、High-speed / pressure、
      High Precision、Low power
      Clamping force 60-400t
      Accurate Positioning
      The enlarged rotary table driven by servo motor
      can accurately index the designated position.
      Flexible Design Concept: One Machine with Multi Function
      MM Series can be functioned for different application:
      Turntable Transfer/ Rotation of Core/ Mixing Device.
      High Precision
      Injection system uses the linear gridline and
      single cylinder design. Injection motion is
      more stable and control is more precise.
      High Precision, Prolong Machinery Life
      High strength alloy steel bushins added to each
      toggle ensure precise movement, reduce future
      maintenance cost and prolong machinery life.
      Download PDF e-catalogue